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Building the Workforce for the Future: 16 Smart Inside Sales Trends in 2016 [Infographic]
We’re back with our annual trend report -- check out last year's here -- and the theme for 2016 is all...
by Josiane Feigon
Market Research
Test Your Startup Idea: A List that Took Me 8 Years to Develop
Why is it important to test your startup idea? Picture this: You’re about to embark on a trip and are...
by Dave Nevogt
Market Research
Emerging Tech Roundup: Curt Savoie on the Future of Open Data
Once again, we’re excited to bring you the Emerging Tech Roundup, a new podcast series launched in partnership with Boston-based Blue...
by Kyle Lacy
Market Research
The Zenefits Guide to Disrupting & Dominating a Vulnerable Market
Zenefits has been getting a lot of attention lately. Some of this is for the large amount of money it...
by Steven Forth
How to Think about Branding During a Merger or Acquisition
Mergers and acquisitions are hard. They are complicated. They are fraught with details, decisions, and innumerable contingencies. From financing to...
by Douglas Spencer
Communications & Branding
What an Acquisition Would Mean to the Salesforce Brand: 4 Questions for Marc Benioff has been at the center of a whirlwind of speculation, with rumors that Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP or even...
by Douglas Spencer
Market Research
How a Small Startup Landed Yelp as a Big-Brand Partner
Long before the Socrata team picked up the phone to pitch Yelp, they had already logged an impressive number of...
by Blake Harris
Market Research
22 Metrics to Discover Your Top Go-to-Market Priorities
There are no lack of things on your plate. Deciding on the right things to focus on in your go-to-market...
by Brandon Hickie
Market Research
Thinking Like an M&A Expert: 7 Tips on Aligning Yourself with Potential Acquirers
It’s been a month since I joined OpenView, and I’m up and running. My onboarding paper work is finished, I’ve...
by John McCullough