Pricing & Positioning

SaaS Pricing: Strategies, Frameworks & Lessons Learned
Setting the initial price for your product may be the decision that has the single biggest impact on your bottom...
by Chad Pytel
The Argument Against Traditional Software Bundling
In the early days of the software revolution, well before Salesforce was even an idea, Microsoft brought the ultimate bundle...
by Kyle Poyar
Solving the Startup Pricing Dilemma: Why Too Many Companies Sell Themselves Short
Editor's Note: This article first appeared on Inc. here. An upscale Italian eatery recently tried an experiment. It offered its buffet...
by Scott Maxwell
Why So Many Companies Fail to Optimize Pricing and How to Fix It
Editor's Note: The following is the Foreword of OpenView's eBook Mastering SaaS Pricing: How to Price Your Product from the Seed...
by Monika Saha
Want to Nail Pricing? Understand Market Dynamics First.
Pricing is a game - one with asymmetric and imperfect information. So what does this mean for you? Basically, you’re...
by Steven Forth
A Look at the Impact of Freemium Pricing on SaaS Products
To be free, or not to be free. That is the question.  I have a love/dislike (hate felt too strong)...
by Brent Chudoba