Startup Strategy

SurveyMonkey’s CMO On Making Marketing More Human

B2B software users and buyers are just consumers who are at work. Same people, different context. There’s no need to treat them differently.

by Ariel Winton
Startup Strategy
We Explored 3 Product Positioning and Branding Failures. Here’s What NOT to Do.

B2B brand and product positioning will only continue to become more important with the rise of the End User Era.

by OpenView, OpenView
HR & Leadership
How Startups Can Deal With Scaling Problems
In the USA, more than 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years of operations, though the rate changes...
by Joe Flanagan
At OpenView
The SaaS Trends You Need to Know for 2019
With 2019 rapidly approaching, what might next year have in store for software companies across sales, HR, marketing, corporate development...
by OpenView
Market Research
The end of SaaS? Not so fast.
Editor's Note: This article first appeared on Inc. here. Declaring the end of something -- whether it's brick-and-mortar retail or Facebook...
by Scott Maxwell
HR & Leadership
Predictable Pitfalls of Founders and How to Avoid Them
Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in People + Strategy magazine here. We have romanticized founders having their “eureka” moments, writing their...
by Alisa Cohn
HR & Leadership
Scaling Your Company from Abroad to the US
Company growth is something we all pursue and celebrate, but we must also acknowledge that each stage of expansion comes...
by Jeff Diana
Fundraising: Loopio's Journey from Bootstrapped to Funded Outside the Valley [Podcast]
Fundraising is an essential part of running a startup these days. OpenView's Ricky Pelletier breaks down the fundraising process and...
by Kyle Poyar
HR & Leadership
17 Priceless Lessons Learned from Scaling to the US
The question whether to scale to the U.S. or not is among the toughest ones for SaaS founders. As many...
by Irina Dzhambazova