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Finance & Operations
Venture Debt 101: Navigating the Fundraising Process
A common problem facing startup founders is how to adequately fund their businesses from inception through profitability. Many rely on...
by Sam Johnson, Vinnie McSweeney
Creating a Modern Partner Program That Works
Creating a partner program is no simple task. A program framework will outline all the benefits you can offer to...
by Jessica Baker
Finance & Operations
The Usual Suspects: Identifying Key Decision-Makers for B2B Strategic Partnerships
B2B SaaS startups can gain great go-to-market leverage from partnering with larger ecosystem players, whether via co-marketing, a referral-based arrangement,...
by John McCullough
VC Insights
The 6 Most Common Funding Questions We Get Asked at OpenView

It’s natural to have a million questions you want to ask a VC firm before getting into business. Here are the six most common questions we get at OpenView.

by Ricky Pelletier
VC Insights
How VCs Assess a Market Size / Opportunity

When VCs assess investment opportunities market size is one of the most crucial factors. How do they evaluate it? Here’s an inside look at the process.

by Nick Hammerschlag
Customer Success
Cons of Cherry-Picking: Why Ready Buyers Aren’t Always the Safest B2B Sales Bet

Just because a prospect is ready to buy doesn’t mean it’s your best target. Sometimes cherry picking ready buyers can go sour.

by Contributing Author