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Improve Your Product Roadmap with Smart Customer Segmentation

October 10, 2013

The sooner you realize that not all customers are created equal, the sooner you can maximize revenue. Start segmenting your customers today. 

Have you noticed your customer acquisition starting to plateau? It’s a problem Brant Cooper and Peter Vlaskovits, authors of The Lean Entrepreneuer, encounter often among SaaS companies. But it turns out the root of the problem is generally easily explained. Spending time segmenting your customers will allow you to quickly get back on the growth path.

As Cooper and Vlaskovits lay out, you cannot view your customer base as homogenous.  They come from different places, use your product differently and have different values. As you begin to understand, in depth, each of the segments you’ve already won, you can begin to prioritize and grow those that are most valuable.

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Photo by: Martin Cathrae


Brant and Patrick are both bestselling authors of The Lean Entrepreneur. Brant travels the globe speaking with entrepreneurs about how to discover and create new value; about empowering individuals to make the change they want to see in the world. Patrick is the CEO and cofounder of Superpowered, a cross-platform (Android & iOS), low latency, pro audio SDK with a simple API, designed to solve performance and power consumption challenges of low-power mobile devices and wearables.