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The Pitfalls of Launching Overseas

Dave Brock

February 18, 2013

The key to successfully launching overseas lies in understanding the subtleties of your new market.

There are a lot of moving parts when you decide to take your product to new markets across the globe. While things like obtaining the proper permits and registrations or providing customer service in the appropriate language might be obvious, Dave Brock of Partners in EXCELLENCE explains that researching the subtleties of your new market is vital when launching overseas.

You cannot simply transplant your mindset from your home market to your new one. Social media, mobile, and retail cultures (among others) can all be wildly different from location to location. You need to study these habits and start to understand the practices of your new market, otherwise launching overseas could turn sour.
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Dave Brock


<strong>Dave Brock</strong> helps sales and business professionals achieve extraordinary goals through his consulting and services company <a href="">Partners In EXCELLENCE</a>. Dave is also an Advisory Board Member for <a href="">DecisionLink</a>.