Market Research
Is It Time for a Buyer Persona Update?

Are you basing your sales and marketing outreach on stale, outdated buyer personas? Giving them an update can be easier said than done, but OpenView’s Brandon Hickie has a handful of tips to help ensure the best high-impact results.

by Brandon Hickie
4 Tips for Tapping Into B2B Buyer Emotions

Did you know that for B2B buyers, personal value actually has 2x the impact of business value? Corporate Executive Board’s Karl Schmidt shares four ways to adapt your marketing accordingly by pushing the right emotional buttons.

by Karl Schmidt
Market Research
How to Develop Quick and Easy Buyer Personas Without the Fuss

Using an interactive workshop can be a fun and practical way to develop quick and easy buyer personas for your organization. Follow this guide to set one up for your team.

by Tien Anh Nguyen
Market Research
12 Quick Tips for Assessing Market Opportunities

The best entrepreneurs are always planning their next move. Here are a dozen tips to help you quickly assess market opportunities and determine where to strike next.

by Brandon Hickie
HR & People
Finding Your Product/Market Fit: One Founder's Success Story

Nailing down the right product/market fit is a journey every company needs to embark on. Hear one success story from the founder of Kareo.

by Dan Rodrigues
Market Research
5 IT Channel Predictions for 2014

By staying ahead of the curve on these IT channel predictions, you can save yourself a lot of downtime, and headaches, this year.

by jminton
Segmenting Your Marketing Content: How To Determine What Will Resonate with Who

If you’re selling a B2B solution, chances are you’re dealing with a complex buying process with several levels of stakeholders involved. No one piece of content is going to appeal to everyone involved. Senior Marketing Manager Christy Weymouth explains how ExactTarget segments its marketing content to speak specifically to each of the company’s personas and their needs.

by Christy Weymouth
Can We Expect More B2B SaaS Companies to Adopt Dynamic Pricing?

Will B2B SaaS companies follow the B2C dynamic pricing model adoption trends in 2014?

by Brandon Hickie
Market Research
How to Conduct a Market Research Call

Do you really know why buyers in your target market make the purchasing decisions they do? It’s time to find out by asking them. We’ve outlined the basics of how to conduct a market research call to get the buyer insights you need.

by Tien Anh Nguyen