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Customer Success
How to Align Your Team for Maximum User Onboarding Success
Canva—a popular B2C design tool—has onboarded an impressive 10 million users to date. This is an exceptional feat in itself,...
by Ty Magnin
Scaling while Bootstrapping: How Lucidchart Reached 10 Million Users on a Shoestring Budget
Editor's Note: The following article is based on a recent episode of OpenView's BUILD podcast. You can listen to the full episode...
by Kyle Poyar
Mixmax’s CEO on How to Achieve Near-Zero CAC through Viral Growth
If you’ve ever been frustrated by the limitations of email, you’re not alone. In fact, startup Mixmax was founded to...
by Kyle Poyar
Customer Success
Intercom on How Product Education Plays a Critical Role in the Customer Journey
In my role as a Director of Growth, I work with GTM teams across many SaaS companies. Marketing, sales, product,...
by Ashley Murphy
Scale-up Lessons: HubSpot's Journey from MQL to PQL
One of the best things about working for a scale-up company is you get an opportunity to work on many...
by Kieran Flanagan
What I Learned from OpenView’s Product Led Growth Summit
On May 9th, OpenView convened 100+ SaaS leaders from our portfolio and network for our second annual Product Led Growth...
by Kyle Poyar
Hiring for sales in a product led world
Editor's Note: This article first appeared on the Intercom blog here. Founders make natural salespeople. So much of what they do,...
by Laurabeth Harvey
The Product Led Growth Playbook
The consumerization of IT – a now ubiquitous trend – has led B2B software users to demand better experiences from...
by OpenView