Research Your End User, not the Channel, Part 9

When selling through a channel, your research should surround the end customer, not the channel.

The research of said customer should be given to channel partners because they may not have the sources or vested interest to conduct their own research. Additionally, they may not have the funds to procure their own research or they might not want to part with their own funds to get research results that are more relevant to your company than theirs. And that is where you should step in. Doing this can serve as motivation for your channel partners to sell more products for your company. At times, as you may know, this is necessary to break through a stalled sales process.

Naturally, this can get tricky because of the dynamics involved. But having a sound approach should resolve most hiccups. Providing your channel with your research of the end customer is actually going to enable them to better serve your business and meet necessary utilization figures.

By having sound research, and sharing it with partners, you can position your business for healthier operations.

Photo by: Walmart

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