Summer Slump Series: Resources to Thrive in Customer Success

Editor’s Note: This is Part 4 of a 5-part series to assist you in hitting your goals during the slow summer months. You can catch up on Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here.

Fewer sales during the summer slump mean fewer customers to onboard. But, it’s important not to forget your current customers and making them as successful as possible. We outlined resources to help you not only onboard new customers, but help current customers thrive.

Intercom on How Product Education Plays a Critical Role in the Customer Journey
Intercom’s key focus is on creating happy customers – a focus that has allowed them to have massive success. Their Senior Manager of Product Education explains why they built a Product Education team and strategies for creating your own.

Customer Success Plan: Key for Adoption and Expansion
A Customer Success Plan is critical for efficient adoption and effective ongoing expansion of your customers. Learn the importance of creating this plan for your organization and how to implement it here.

Customer Churn is Everyone’s Problem: Here’s Why You Should give Your CS Team a Break
30% of SaaS companies report having unacceptable levels of churn and it’s tempting to point fingers at the customer success team for these issues. Retention should be everyone’s KPI – here’s why.

Why Does Customer Success Fear Revenue?
The topic of Customer Success owning revenue is a consistently debated topic. Both sides of the debate are outlined and the key to solving these challenges.


How Typeform Leveraged Customer Success to Scale to Over 3M Users
Typeform leaders knew it was important to invest in customer success during the early stages of the business. David Apple, VP of CS, breaks down the team structure that has helped scale the business to over 3M users. Learn where to draw the line when it comes to segmenting customers who warrant a dedicated CS resource vs. purely self-service experience and the leading indicators associated with the success of the team.

How Dropbox Scaled with Customer Success as Their Secret Weapon [Podcast]
Dropbox sees Customer Success as a lot more than just churn prevention. Find out the key metrics they track, the importance of becoming a trusted advisor to users and educating them on using the product in new ways.

Appcues’ Jonathan Kim on the Art of Onboarding [Podcast]
Co-founder & CEO, Jonathan Kim, explains how to master the art of a meaningful onboarding experience through personalization and humanization. Listen to learn about their definition of product led growth, where they’ve seen sales add the most value and what he sees for the future of UX. You’ll also find out how to maximize impact if you’re designing onboarding for the first time.

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