Summer Slump Series: Resources to Thrive in Sales

Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of a 5-part series to assist you in hitting your goals during the slow summer months. You can catch up on Part 1 here and Part 2 here

Rescheduled meetings. Pushed off demos. Out of office replies. The summer months inevitably mean fewer opportunities to reach potential customers. This can greatly impact your personal goals, unless you have the right tools to get you ahead. We compiled a list of content that can help not only keep you on track, but soar past your goals.

How to Craft the Perfect Email with High Response Rates
Getting anyone to open an email during the summer is hard, especially a cold sales email. While some may bounce back with an OOO, take every opportunity to craft compelling and engaging follow-up emails that lead to booked meetings.

9 Secret Elements of Highly Effective Sales Conversations
When you finally get someone on the phone, arm yourself with every trick in the book. analyzed over 1 million sales calls to determine why the best sales reps are so good at selling.

How to Retain Your Best Sales Employees
Downtime means sales employees are tempted to find the next best venture. Learn why your best salespeople leave and how to make them stay.

How We Reduced Sales Ramp Time by 40%
Ramping up a new team member can be tough in the summer because there are fewer employees around to show them the ropes. The next best thing to do is to decrease sales ramp time so you can get your newest sales member up to speed ASAP.

The Enterprise Sales Process I’ve Used to Close $100,000,000+
This enterprise sales process can help you not only meet, but exceed your goals during the roughest months of the year.

Wistia’s CEO on the Role of Sales in a Product Led Growth Company [Podcast]
In between calls, put your headphones in and catch up on our latest sales podcast episode. Wistia’s CEO, Chris Savage, explains their decision to create a self-service funnel and when their sales team gets involved in the buying process. It’s an interesting take on how a sales team functions in a product led growth company.

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