Summer Slump Series: Resources to Thrive in HR & Leadership

Editor’s Note: This the final article of our 5-part series to assist you in hitting your goals during the slow summer months. You can catch up on Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here and Part 4 here.

We’re back with our final article for the Summer Slump Series! In case you missed it, we’ve been arming you with our top content for marketing, sales, product, HR and customer success professionals all week to help you power through the proverbial summer “slump.”

While it’s a slower time in the office, use the opportunity to read up on the latest tips for onboarding new hires and creating a culture that will help employees thrive in your organization.

How to Help Your People Grow: Creating a Culture of Feedback
Managers shouldn’t be the single channel for feedback or solely responsible for the development of people. Creating a culture of feedback empowers an entire organization to take control of their own development.

Culture Fit vs. Culture Add
The terms “culture fit” and “culture add” get thrown around a lot, but what do they actually mean? And what term are you using when you screen candidates? Find out why culture add is the right way to assess talent.

Building a Better SaaS Company: 3 Non-Technical Assets for Success
Most people would attribute a killer product, strong technical expertise and a solid product-market fit as the keys to a successful SaaS organization. But, less tangible assets like remote work, collaboration and a commitment to diversity and inclusion also play a key role in a business’ success.

How to Avoid Alienating Non-Product Teammates in Your Product Led Company
One of the hidden challenges faced by product-led organizations is a tendency to focus so much on product that other functional areas end up feeling less appreciated. Learn how you can fix this behavior to inspire the entire organization.

Time to Pivot on Outta Here? Make Your Next Career Move Your Best One Yet.
We’re throwing in some career advice for those looking to make their next move. This article outlines advice to make your next move the best one yet.


BUILD Season 4 [Podcast]
We interviewed seasoned and new-comer B2B software directors as they highlighted the steps that many successful executives in our network have taken to get a seat at the board table.

Bayley Dietz
Bayley Dietz
Marketing Manager

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