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Joyce Chen

Venture Network & Partnerships




Wellesley College, BA, Psychology & Economics

Venture Network & Partnerships

Joyce leads OpenView’s Venture Network and Partnerships, working to strengthen OpenView’s relationship with early-stage investors spanning both angel and institutional capital. Tasked with both broadening and deepening our network, Joyce is excited to learn about early stage startups and the trusted advisors who help them reach the expansion stage.

OpenView lives by its values—a focus on people, and a commitment to supporting those we believe in. We don’t just bet on companies; we set them up for greater success with our team of former operators and our network of experts.


Prior to joining OpenView, Joyce led the global expansion and strategic partnerships for Venture Café Global Institute, a nonprofit focused on connecting entrepreneurs to the resources that they need to scale. Joyce also previously ran global accelerator and bootcamp programs at MIT Enterprise Forum, and helped organize large-scale tech events in Paris, Mexico City, and Beijing through her work with MIT Technology Review. Joyce has worked in or with folks in every continent except Antarctica.


Our people, here to help yours.

In March, to help stop the spread of COVID-19, we temporarily closed our office in Boston and became a fully remote team overnight. We all miss being in the same place together, but we’ve adapted to the current environment and have fully embraced Zoom and Slack so we can stay as connected as possible.



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