Metrics & Benchmarks

Startup Strategy
The 3 Key Pillars of Startup Data Distribution
This post is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Startup Data Distribution, a book published by Visible focused on...
by Brett Bivens
3 Steps to Reduce CAC & Turn Channel Partners into a Force Multiplier
In a recent post, I put forth a long laundry list of channel metrics to monitor partner performance. Now, let's dive...
by Jim Somers
Customer Success
The Top Customer Success Metrics You Should Really Be Tracking
If your company is a SaaS business relying on recurring revenue (subscriptions and renewals), you know how important an investment...
by Guy Nirpaz
23 Metrics to Track for Real Insight into Your Channel Partnerships
Channel sales are notoriously challenging. Yet according to Accenture, over 70% of mid-sized to large high-tech enterprises depend on a network...
by Jim Somers
Customer Success
The Anatomy of Customer Success: Team Structure, Metrics, and Goals
Customer success has come a long way in a short amount of time. Just a few years ago, many companies...
by Boaz Maor
Customer Success
Why Retention is King of Growth Strategy
Earlier this year at the Weapons of Mass Distribution (WMD) Conference hosted by 500 Startups, HubSpot VP Growth Brian Balfour took...
by Jonathan Crowe
Market Research
22 Metrics to Discover Your Top Go-to-Market Priorities
There are no lack of things on your plate. Deciding on the right things to focus on in your go-to-market...
by Brandon Hickie
HR & Leadership
The One SaaS Metric That Drives All the Rest

If you had to abandon all the others, this is the one SaaS metric worth holding onto.

by jminton