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Finance & Operations
Massive Growth, IPOs, and PLG: Fifth Annual Financial & Operating Benchmarks Survey Results

Our fifth annual Financial & Operating Benchmarks Survey (formerly known as Expansion SaaS Benchmarks) takes a deeper look at the performance metrics behind some of the most successful SaaS businesses and identifies markers of long-term growth.

by Shannon Curran
Finance & Operations
A New Way To Tell if a Company Is Truly Product-Led

Hint: You have to look beyond the website or pricing page.

by Kyle Poyar
Metrics & Benchmarks
Does Your SaaS Product Measure Up?

The 2020 SaaS Product Benchmarks Report is finally here.

by Sam Richard
10 Critical Brand Marketing KPIs You Should Be Measuring in 2020
When it comes to creating new marketing campaigns for your brand, data is king. Using a data-driven strategy ensures that...
by Kevin Payne
Metrics & Benchmarks
The New SaaS Metric You Should Be Tracking

Give this metric its own headline in your next investment deck, executive dashboard or monthly update.

by Sam Richard
Finance & Operations
Product Led Growth: The Secret to Becoming a Top Quartile Public Company
Software investors have traditionally focused on three key valuation drivers when evaluating businesses, including: Revenue growth, which is strongly positively...
by Sean Fanning
2016 Expansion Report: Benchmarks for Sales
Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from OpenView’s 2016 Expansion Report: Benchmarks for Sales. You can access the full report...
by Liz Cain
Sales Metrics You Aren’t Tracking, but Should
Passing qualified leads to the sales team is the primary objective for any Sales Development Rep (SDR) and even some...
by AJ Alonzo
Metrics & Benchmarks
How Metrics Dashboards Keep Klipfolio's Team Accountable
In order to succeed, we need to create value and grow. Sound familiar? In a fast-paced startup, the business environment...
by Allan Wille