Startup Strategy

Startup Strategy
Anatomy of a Startup Scene: What Austin Can Teach Other Growing Tech Hubs

What does it really take for a town to grow into a hot startup scene? Entrepreneur and investor Sam Decker reveals the factors he thinks make up the DNA of a tech hotbed.

by Josh Zywien
Startup Strategy
Interviewing Advice for Millennials

From one Millennial to another,  here are my tips on how to nail an interview — including what not to say.

by Blake Bartlett
Portfolio Updates
What Happens When a Marketing Department Adopts Scrum

Find out how one Director of Marketing transformed his team’s performance and productivity by adopting Scrum and more Agile marketing practices.

by Devon McDonald
Startup Strategy
The Lead Scoring Conundrum: 5 Reasons Traditional Lead Scoring Models Aren’t Working

Bad news marketers: Here are five reasons why your current lead scoring models aren’t working.

by Blake Harris
Startup Strategy
No Lead Left Behind: Bolster Your Customer Acquisition Strategy with CRM Data Analysis

Learn how to conduct CRM data analysis to successfully mine the richest store of customers data your company will have throughout its growth cycle.

by Tien-Anh Nguyen
Startup Strategy
Why Being a BDR is the Best Career Move You Can Make

Fresh out of school and looking for your first job? Here’s a little piece of startup career advice you may not expect: become a business development rep.

by CeCe Bazar
Startup Strategy
Why You Should Stop Obsessing Over Pageviews

One common mistake marketers make is obsessing over pageviews. Sure, they’re important, but make sure you’re also paying attention to these four content marketing metrics.

by Morgan Burke
Startup Strategy
Women in Tech Series: Body Language Tips that Will Boost Your Career

Are you sitting up straight? Striking a power pose? Believe it or not, your posture not only says a lot about you, it also has the ability to affect your success.

by Devon McDonald
Startup Strategy
Partner with Your Talent Team: 10 Ways Recruiters Can Make Your Life Easier

Learn how to work with a recruiter to improve your hiring strategy and make your life easier.

by Carlie Smith