Startup Strategy

Metrics & Benchmarks
How Metrics Dashboards Keep Klipfolio's Team Accountable
In order to succeed, we need to create value and grow. Sound familiar? In a fast-paced startup, the business environment...
by Allan Wille
Finance & Operations
How to Find Great Startup Advisors (and Avoid Bad Ones)
When I founded customer loyalty management company Loyalty Lab in 2003, it wasn’t my first go-round as an entrepreneur. I’d...
by Mark Goldstein
HR & Leadership
Scaling the People Process: How to Hire the Right People for Your Startup [Part 1]
Startups are only as good as the teams that drive them. Building a team and scaling the people process is...
by Chase Garbarino
HR & Leadership
10 Business Philosophies to Guide Your Startup’s Growth
Throughout my nearly 30-year career as a software executive and tech VC, I’ve learned a few things about how —...
by George Roberts
HR & Leadership
8 Top Level KPIs for Startup HR Departments
Key performance indicators are often used to measure the health and success of sales and marketing teams, but have you...
by Katie Lindahl Smith
Startup Strategy
The 3 Key Pillars of Startup Data Distribution
This post is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Startup Data Distribution, a book published by Visible focused on...
by Brett Bivens
Finance & Operations
5 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Term Sheet
Startups looking for venture capital often struggle to navigate all the different options out there. How do you find the...
by Ricky Pelletier
HR & Leadership
The Startup Guide to Training Your Team
Christine Del Castillo does community building, digital content creation, and social media for Workable, hiring software for small and medium-sized...
by Christine Del Castillo
Startup Strategy
Startup CEOs: Forget “Full Stack” and Focus on Creating Real, Differentiated Value
Recently, I read a great post by Andy Weissman that prognosticated on the future of startups’ organizational structure. Rather than...
by Scott Maxwell