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How to Think about Branding During a Merger or Acquisition
Mergers and acquisitions are hard. They are complicated. They are fraught with details, decisions, and innumerable contingencies. From financing to...
by Douglas Spencer
3 Steps to Finding the Right Channel Partners

With the right partners, B2B tech companies can significantly extend their reach and increase their revenues, but how do you determine which opportunities to prioritize and which to avoid all together?

by CeCe Bazar
Unlock the Channel: New Guide to Leveraging Value Added Resellers

Learn how aligning your company with the right channel partners can help you reach more customers — and make them more satisfied and successful — than ever before.

by CeCe Bazar
5-Step Game Plan for Scaling Your Startup Marketing Team

At a startup, you need to be able to adapt and accelerate at a moment’s notice. When it comes time to step on the gas will you be ready? HatchLearn CEO and co-founder Jeff Whatcott shares the keys to building the team you need to dominate the market.

by Jeff Whatcott
Finance & Operations
How to Ensure Every Investor Board Member is Aligned with Your Aspirations
In today’s frothy startup world — one in which valuation conversations seem to be increasingly reaching into the hundreds of...
by Scott Maxwell
Finance & Operations
Everything You Wanted to Know About a VC But Were Afraid to Ask

Let’s pull back the curtain to look at how a VC works. Here are answers to four common questions I get about how firms are structured, and how they make decisions.

by Ricky Pelletier
HR & Leadership
How to Hire Like Amazon: Why Cross-Team Interviewing Could Transform Your Hiring Strategy

Hiring for any position can be time-consuming. What’s worse, you can’t always guarantee the best results, and any mistake you make you’ll be paying for big time. What can you do to improve your hiring process and overall success? Take a cue from the biggest online retailer in the world.

by Salima Ladha
How to Conduct Effective Reference Check Interviews

Have you found a candidate who could be “the one”? Hold the phone. Before you pull the trigger there is one more crucial step to take: conducting thorough and effective reference check interviews.

by Carlie Smith
Startup Strategy
3 Factors to Consider When Restructuring Your Sales Team

When it comes to restructuring your sales team, many factors should be taken into consideration in order to make the transition as seamless and productive as possible.

by CeCe Bazar
Finance & Operations
8 Deal Breakers that Send Venture Capitalists Running

Entrepreneur, startup advisor, and VC John Greathouse shares eight red flags inexperienced entrepreneurs routinely raise when pursuing venture capital investment.

by John Greathouse
HR & Leadership
Labcast: Are You Ready to Go Global?

In this week’s Labcast, sales and business strategist Dave Brock of Partners in EXCELLENCE sheds light on how properly incorporate international expansion into your business growth strategy.

by Dave Brock
HR & Leadership
Should You Give Candidates a Personality Test?

These helpful hints will walk you through how to avoid wasting time and resources by effectively utilizing personality tests in your hiring process.

by Lindsey Gurian