Why Product Ops is Key to Product-Led Success—According to Pendo's Christine Itwaru

On this brand-new episode of the BUILD Podcast, we unpack all things product ops with Pendo’s Director of Product Ops.

by Meg Johnson
Everything You Need to Know About Freemium Pricing
Freemium in SaaS is old news. The much-discussed pricing strategy took over the SaaS world and helped fuel the phenomenal...
by Kyle Poyar
Product Led Growth
From the Bottom Up—Airtable’s Approach to Distribution and Adoption

CEO and Co-founder Howie Liu explains why Airtable’s been bottom-up from the start.

by Kristin Hillery
Product Led Growth
The Product-Led Growth Single Point of Truth Framework: Managing Scalable Growth

Use this to manage the empathy gap in your product, get new users to see value quickly—and retain them.

by Victor Eduoh
Product Led Growth
What is Product Led Growth? How to Build a Software Company in the End User Era

Blake Bartlett explains the latest to-go-market strategy, how we got here and why the end user is now the most powerful buyer.

by Blake Bartlett
Product Led Growth
Atlassian’s Secret to Creating Compounding Customer Value

Jay Simons shares the story behind Atlassian’s truly epic revenue engine and how they use pricing as a competitive advantage.

by Meg Johnson
Product Marketing
Kicking in GTM Programs: A Crucial Product Marketing Activity for Early-Stage Startups

As a new sales team starts going through training, we often hear them ask, “Where are our leads?!” And all heads typically turn toward the marketing team.

by Shirin Shahin