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Startup Strategy
Feedback... you can never get enough
As a Boston venture capital firm with operational skills that focuses on building great companies after investing expansion capital we...
by George Roberts
Marketing’s Lead Generation Responsibility to Sales
I had an interesting email discussion with one of the marketing managers at a portfolio company. The discussion started after...
by Firas Raouf
Tech Trends
It's Wednesday, do you know where your favorite Nike spokesperson is?
Yeah, he's probably in Vegas visiting one of his many sweethearts. Tiger Woods, ugh. I'm disappointed in his judgment... or...
by Peter Zotto
Tech Trends
Questionable Downloadables
To follow up on my last post about content marketing strategy... I was inspired by a recent Network World article...
by Tien Anh Nguyen
What is a Profitable Distribution Model?
As growth venture capital investors, we look for companies that can scale with capital efficiency. The first key requirement for...
by Firas Raouf
Tech Trends
Artificial Scarcity Does NOT Get You Artificial Customers
In a post yesterday about the necessity and benefits of ‘friction’, Seth Godin circled around the basic economic concept of...
by Elizabeth