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We're committed to making your company a success.


We’re eager to help entrepreneurs build outstanding software companies.

Scott Maxwell, Founder & Senior Managing Director

Founder & Senior Managing Director

Scott is constantly seeking out companies that aspire to become unique and dominant in their product market and, post investment, he works hard to help those companies realize their vision.

Scott Maxwell

Adam Marcus, Managing Director

Managing Director

Adam Marcus

Daniel Demmer, Operating Partner

Operating Partner

Daniel Demmer

George Roberts, Venture Partner

Venture Partner

George Roberts

Blake Bartlett, Principal


Blake Bartlett

Ricky Pelletier, Vice President

Vice President

Ricky Pelletier

Mackey Craven, Vice President

Vice President

Mackey Craven

Baiyin Zhou, Associate


Baiyin Zhou

Brandon Deer, Associate


Brandon Deer

Brian Carthas, Associate


Brian Carthas

Matt Biehler, Research Analyst

Research Analyst

Matt Biehler

Michael Morgenstern, Research Analyst

Research Analyst

Michael Morgenstern

Kelsey Heavey, Research Analyst

Research Analyst

Kelsey Heavey

Openview Labs


We're a full-time team dedicated to helping companies find top talent.

Diana Martz, Director of Talent

Director of Talent

Diana Martz

Meghan Maher, Senior Talent Specialist

Senior Talent Specialist

Meghan Maher

Carlie Smith, Senior Talent Specialist

Senior Talent Specialist

Carlie Smith

Katelyn LaGarde, Talent Specialist

Talent Specialist

Katelyn LaGarde

Brandon DeWitt, Talent Specialist

Talent Specialist

Brandon DeWitt

Rose O'Connell, Talent Specialist

Talent Specialist

Rose O'Connell

Sales & Marketing

We help you get more customers through market research, sales support, and marketing.

Devon McDonald, Director of Sales and Marketing Support

Director of Sales and Marketing Support

Devon McDonald

Tien Anh Nguyen, Director of Market Insights

Director of Market Insights

Tien Anh Nguyen

Kyle Lacy, Head of Marketing Strategy

Head of Marketing Strategy

Kyle Lacy

Brandon Hickie, Market Insights Manager

Market Insights Manager

Brandon Hickie

Arsham Memarzadeh, Research Analyst

Research Analyst

Arsham Memarzadeh

Kwan Hong Lee, Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Kwan Hong Lee

Rebecca Churt, Growth Strategist

Growth Strategist

Rebecca Churt

Blake Harris, Growth Strategist

Growth Strategist

Blake Harris

CeCe Bazar, Sales Strategist

Sales Strategist

CeCe Bazar

Jonathan Crowe, Managing Editor

Managing Editor

Jonathan Crowe

Senior Advisors

We provide additional expertise around an array of functional areas.

Dev Ittycheria, Executive Advisor

Executive Advisor

Dev Ittycheria

Jeff Sutherland, Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

Jeff Sutherland helps our portfolio companies implement best practices in Scrum.

Jeff Sutherland

Joe Pulizzi, Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

Joe Pulizzi consults our Portfolio on content marketing strategy.

Joe Pulizzi

Bill Price, Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

Bill Price consults our Portfolio on customer service best practices.

Bill Price

Chuck Linn, Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

Chuck Linn helps our portfolio companies implement best practices in professional services.

Chuck Linn

Luke Hohmann, Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

Luke Hohmann consults the Portfolio on product management and market segmentation.

Luke Hohmann

Jeremy Aber, Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

Jeremy Aber consults the Portfolio on legal and contract matters.

Jeremy Aber


We work hard to manage the financial aspects of each fund.

Bonnie Lewis, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Bonnie Lewis

Ruth Kessman, Controller


Ruth Kessman

Lorraine Kelly, Assistant Controller

Assistant Controller

Lorraine Kelly

Alex Lau, FP&A Manager

FP&A Manager

Alex Lau


We make OpenView an amazing place to work and visit.

Rebecca Jacobs, Executive Coordinator

Executive Coordinator

Rebecca Jacobs

Erin McDonald, Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator

Erin McDonald

Millicent McLean, Executive Coordinator

Executive Coordinator

Millicent McLean

Stephanie Carlon, Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator

Stephanie Carlon