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Customer Success
How One Company Got Started with Influencer Marketing

Read how influencer marketing helped Exinda raise its brand awareness and reach its target market.

by Amanda Maksymiw
How to Motivate Your Lead Generation Team
So you’ve hired an eager lead generating cold caller for your expansion-stage business. That person might be a young, savvy...
by OpenView
Startup Strategy
Meeting Planner Lessons
The CFO forum we held in our new OpenView Studios space went extremely well. I learned a ton of lessons from...
by Katie Cohen-Hausman
Market Research
Leveraging Lead Data Services for Outbound Prospecting
Expansion-stage software companies have a lot of operational challenges. There’s management team development, product development strategy, customer experience management and...
by Tien-Anh Nguyen
Customer Success
Competitive Advantage Research: Why You Need it Now

Scott Maxwell breaks down the keys to competitive advantage research, step by step.

by Scott Maxwell
Tech Trends
BlogTalkRadio: Another Pool Of Opportunity
Another buzzworthy company by the name of BlogTalkRadio, recently took on some more expansion capital in the amount of $1.9M...
by Glenn Michael
Startup Strategy
True Sense of Urgency
Following up on yesterday's post, the OpenView value I will focus on today is a 'True sense of urgency'. The...
by Igor Altman
VC Insights
Tips for seed funding programs
Last week, I discussed some tips on raising expansion capital. But as the venture capital funding cycle above (courtesy of...
by Tien-Anh Nguyen
Startup Strategy
It's that time of the year for many organizations...time to determine year-end bonus payouts and time to set the criteria for...
by Cynthia Mignogna
Finance & Operations
The Role of the CFO
As early growth venture capital investors, we tend to work with companies that are at the very early stages of...
by Firas Raouf
Tech Trends
Don’t Waste Your CRM Dollars
One thing that makes sales unique from other departments in an organization is that it is probably the easiest to...
by Ori Yankelev