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Product-Led Growth
Product Led Growth Maturity Grader

Welcome to OpenView’s Product Led Growth Maturity Grader. The overall goal of this tool is to give you a quick idea of how far along your organization is on the PLG maturity spectrum. As you answer questions, we’ll adjust your Maturity Score and give you advice on how to improve in real-time.

by Sam Richard
Product-Led Growth
The State of Product Led Growth

How far along are companies really in adopting product led growth? To find out, we surveyed 500+ SaaS leaders about how they leverage (or don’t leverage) product led growth to scale their business.

by Kyle Poyar
Rethinking the Product Demo for Product Led Growth

As the way we make buying decisions continues to evolve, is there still room for product demos? Find out how product led growth changes the buyer journey.

by Greg Dickinson
How Top B2C Brands Embrace Product Led Growth

We can learn a lot about product led growth through top B2C brands. Find out what you can learn from companies like Venmo, Allbirds, Bumble, Spotify and more!

by Casey Renner
Why I Wrote the Book On Product Led Growth
Editor's Note: This article covers one chapter from the book on “Product-Led Growth: How to Build a Product That Sells...
by Wes Bush
4 Things Marketing Can Learn from Product Led Growth
Product led growth (PLG) is a go-to-market strategy that relies on the product itself to drive acquisition, retention and expansion....
by Amanda Nielsen
Insights from 350+ SaaS Leaders on Product Led Growth Maturity
The next evolution of software go-to-market is product led growth (PLG). PLG all-stars like Slack, Dropbox and Datadog all leverage...
by Ashley Murphy
There are two paths to product led growth. One is harder and possibly more effective.
“Remarkable” is an overused word that has come to mean “really great.” But as marketing guru Seth Godin has noted,...
by Scott Maxwell
What is Product Led Growth?
Editor's Note: This article first appeared on New Breed Marketing's blog here.  Every company marketing in the B2B SaaS space...
by Guido Bartolacci
Insights to Ignite Product Led Growth
2018 felt like the year of podcasts. Almost four seasons of BUILD later, I find myself reflecting on the diverse...
by Ashley Murphy
Going Viral: How Dropbox Used a Product Led Growth Strategy to Hit $10B in Only 10 Years
It’s a well-known story in the SaaS world - Dropbox reaching $1 billion in revenue in only ten years. But...
by Ashley Murphy
BUILD: The Product Led Growth Edition

Our BUILD book features in-depth articles about scaling your product led growth organization.

by OpenView